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Jean-Paul Sartre, born in 1905 in Paris, was one of the most prominent philosophical and literary figures of the existential movement in the twentieth century (Gregory, Giancola 142). The aspect of his work that I will elaborate upon in this essay was actually a result of severe criticism and misunderstandings that arose among the general public of two of his novels published in early 1945, titled The Age of Reason and The Reprieve. The criticism was mostly because his characters were either cynical or spineless while reflecting a very existential outlook. One of his most famous quotes, which he…

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The emergence of the digital world today has marked a cultural shift in terms of it shaping the consumption patterns of various consumers when it comes to their interactions with mediated content. The circulation of media content today depends heavily on the active participation of the consumer. As Henry Jenkins, possibly one of the most noted scholars in the academic field of fan studies, has pointed out, media entertainment users are now actively encouraged to seek new information and connect dispersed media content. Due to such a digital transformation, the participatory culture…

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The literary genre of Greek tragedy was established around the 5th century B.C, a time which was marked not just by violent political upheavals but also public debate, which included self-scrutiny and criticism that led to what is known as the 5th-century enlightenment (Goldhill 2). As a result, one of the dominant discourses of the time was the debate around ‘citizenship’ and what it meant to be a good citizen. This essay analyses and compares the relationship between the state and the individual in connection to the concept of ‘Hamartia’ in the Greek play Antigone by Sophocles and its modern-day…


This article is a continuation of my elaboration of Bertrand Russell’s perspectives on education. Being closely associated with various kinds of educational environments throughout my life as a student, working on building and publishing in academic journals, and having created a social innovation project on alternative and accessible learning, I naturally take a bit of a personal interest in divulging as many new perspectives on this whole matter. In this particular article, I look critically at what should be the ideal form of University education.


He begins on a bit of a contentious note when he…

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In his article titled “Ethics in Internet Ethnography,” Malin Sveningson points out that with the advent of some of the new environments that one can find on the Internet, a large number of questions and challenges with regards to looking at communication and community have to now be considered (Sveningson 45). Conducting research in online spaces gives rise to many issues with regard to research ethics, especially if the research involves human subjects. Sveningson points out that the Internet communities that have evolved as cultures encourage the use of ethnographic methods for conducting research. Within the field of ethnography…

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1. Introduction:

Within the domain of popular culture artifacts that presently dominate mass consumption across the globe, the “Superhero” genre undoubtedly remains one of the most influential cultural phenomena of the 20th century. The image of the superhero is one of the most pervasive in contemporary global popular culture. Whether we appreciate it or not, the narratives and story worlds surrounding this genre do indeed play a massive role in influencing and shaping the ideologies of a vast majority of fans who consume such content at large (McSweeney…


This paper aims to critically analyze the global phenomenon of large-scale digital piracy of films and music in order to understand the phenomenon from an ethical perspective. It would look to answer the question of whether this particular act of film and music piracy, something that happens on a very large scale in the modern world, could be termed as an ethical act. This would be done by defining and applying a wide variety of ethical theories such as those of Utilitarianism, Kant’s deontology, and the categorical imperative, and so on, in order to come to a definitive conclusion. The…

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The decision to study abroad is, under any circumstance, quite a massive and life-transforming decision. It is usually the first big step away from their families, away from a known and comfortable environment to a completely alien surrounding. The corona crisis has only further increased the stakes involved in making this decision. The considerations before deciding to move abroad for higher education are not just financial and academic but also include a lot of social and cultural considerations.

These transitions may be quite daunting even without an ongoing global pandemic coupled with a massive economic crisis across the world. With…

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